Hormone injections and bodybuilding

We sometimes hear about some bodybuilders using hormones, that “shortcut” to get bigger muscles. But behind the bright words there is a bitter reality suffered by those who take any of these hormonal supplements. In this article, we will seek to scientifically answer the most common questions regarding the use of steroid hormones by iron players (bodybuilders). … Read more

Dianabol or Anabol side effects

 Dianabol  or Anabol side effects First, the advantages of the hormone Dianabol or Anabol  1/ It is considered one of the steroids with great anabolic power and strength in the bodyBodybuilders outweigh those strength in real estateTestosterone, such as Deca, etc.2/ Increases the player’s strength and performance significantly and quickly.3 / Increases muscle size dramatically and … Read more

Benefits of lemon and water for weight loss

Among the mixtures that have proven effective in losing weight are lemon and water.. How can this mixture be made? What are its benefits, and how effective is it? Drinking water and lemon on an empty stomach in the morning is one of the most modern tips in losing weight, and that is by drinking a … Read more